Previous "MUSIC FOR ALL" Activities

(6-1) Many Blue Heron Middle School students have enjoyed the opportunity to learn African Dance at Centrum’s Tales, Texts, and Theater program. Follow this link for a good introduction to African Dance.
(5-26) Follow this link to learn about Hawaiian singer/songwriter and ukulele player, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and also about an instrument from Zimbabwe called the mbira.
(5-6) All types of musical experiences are valuable and can transfer skills, such as keeping a steady beat, to other areas of music playing. Click here for a series of instructional videos on bucket drumming. In order to improve your playing, watch and play along with each video as many times as needed to be able to play comfortably. Be sure to play with good hand position and practice slowly, at first, keeping a steady beat. Contact me at if you have questions about these videos. 

(4-27)  Bucket Drumming - It takes practice to be as good as the guy in this video but listen to what he can do with some basic materials and the surfaces around him!

(4-20) Here is another interesting video to watch and listen to.

Rhythm is very important in the lives of the African people in the video. Rhythm is not just part of their music. It is also an important element in their work. How does rhythm impact the work they do, both individually and as a group?

(4-16) Check out these short videos of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra:
Playing with Food 
The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Experiment with making a musical instrument out of something unusual!
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