What's Happening in 7th Grade Math?

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Please continue to work on the following the week of 3/30:
(aim for completing at least 1 hour, 3 workspaces, 15 problems) 
Many of you have demonstrated much progress these last two weeks of closure in Mathia. I'm very proud of your continued effort to learn this content. Keep up that great work!

While school is closed please try to complete your grade level Mathia content. For 7th grade that is 77 workspaces. Sign into Mathia with your school google sign-in information at "tinyurl.com/bhmath", unless you've recently joined the school. Those newer students should go to Carnegielearning.com and sign in with their username (firstname.lastname) and use their self-selected password. 

In addition, take the unit test on adding and subtracting negative numbers. 


On this same web page, spend a few hours exploring videos and practicing the addition and subtraction of integers. Definitely do the videos/practice questions in the "Adding and Subtracting Integers" Section, the video/practice questions in the "Adding and Subtracting Negative Fractions" Section, and the video/practice questions in the  "Addition and Subtraction Word problems with negatives" Section. 



Week of 3/13/2020
Monday:Determine Step; p.73; Timing; Homework- p.67-68 2,3,4 + Stretch Due 3/11 or 3/12. Test on 3/16 (Monday) Study p.29,67,79 - add/subtract rational numbers.  
Tuesday: Timing; p.76-77 evens; Mathia
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- Interim SBAC
Friday: Field Trip

Week of 3/2/2020
Monday: p.29 (period 2); p.28; p.41-42; Intro Subtracting Integers; Homework p.30 1-5 + Stretch Due 3/4 or 3/5
Tuesday: Continue with Subtracting Integers p.60-63
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- Correct HW; p.62-63?,69, 73 divide/present; Mathia 
Friday: No Class Due to Conference Schedule

Week of 2/24/2020
Monday: Candy Wrapper Project; Test on 2/26 or 2/27 Study pages
Tuesday: Pre-Test Integers; Mathia
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Class- Test; Mathia
Friday: Intro to Adding Integers; Candy Wrapper Project?

Week of 2/17/2020
Monday: Intro Candy Wrapper Project; Homework-Shark/Similar Figures Wksht. Due 2/21
Tuesday: Candy Wrapper Project
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- Candy Wrapper Project; Mathia
Friday: Turn in HW; Mathia; Finish Shrink Art Project

Week of 2/10/2020
Monday: p.223-225; Mathia; Shrink Art Artwork due on 2/12 or 2/13
Tuesday: p.226-228; p.233
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- Shrink Art Transfer; Mathia; Start Shark/Similar Figures Worksheet
Friday: No School- Snow Make Up Day

Week of 2/3/2020
Monday: Finish p.200-201;p.209-212; Homework p.221 2-12 even Due 2/5 or 2/6; Test on 2/5 or 2/6 Study p.175,193,207,221.
Tuesday: p.210-212 continued; p.215-216; Mathia
Wednesday or Thursday: Class Dependent on Block Schedule- Correct p.221; Test; Mathia 
Friday: p.217-218  

Week of 1/27/2020
Monday: p.186-187, quick look p.188-189; p.190-191 divide; Mathia 30 min.
Tuesday: p.193 1abc, present p.190-191; p.198-199
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule-p.193 2abc &3;p.200-201; Mathia 40 min. 
Friday: p.207 1ab, p.209 divide, p.210-212

Week of 1/20/2020
Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday: p.172-173; Mathia (30 Min); Homework- p. 195 3a-e
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- p.172-173 Continued; p.178-183 Quick Completion; Time? Review Game
Friday: Correct p. 195 3a-e; Mathia (30 Min)

Week of 1/13/2020
Monday: Discourse Survey; Mathia 40 minutes; Homework p.175 1-3 Due 1/17
Tuesday: p.172-173; Discuss p.174; Time p.178-183 Quick View 
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- STAR Test; Work on Homework; Time? p.178-183 Quick View Continued
Friday: Correct p. 175 1-3; Mathia 30 minutes

Week of 1/6/2020
Monday: p.163 Review; Mathia - 30 minutes; Homework- p.177 1-5 Due 1/10
Tuesday: p.164-167 
Wednesday or Thursday: (Dependent on block class) p.168; p.172-174
Friday: Correct p. 177; Mathia 40 minutes

Week of 12/16/19
Monday: Finish Test; p. 161; Review Percentages; p. 162-164 
Tuesday: p.165-167 Split/Present; p. 167 #3; Homework - Mathia 1 hour completed by 12/20 if not at workspace #20
Wednesday or Thursday: Class Dependent on Block Schedule- p.168 divide; Mathia 
Friday: Mult. Timing and Review Game

Week of 12/9/19
Monday: Mathematics in Professions: Presentation; Homework- If not to workspace #18, 1 hour of Mathia Due by 12/13. Test on 12/13, study p.90-152, specifically look at pages 107,123-124,137,151.
Tuesday: Mathematics in Professions: Presentation
Wednesday or Thursday: Class Dependent on Block Schedule- p. 150 rough of proportional relationship; Mathia
Friday: p.151-divide/present; Test; Switch folder contents; Collect Packets 

Week of 12/2/19
Monday: Class Presentation: Mathematics Used in Professions
Period 1&6 Finish p.128-131; p.134-135 Divide/Present;
Period 2 Finish p. 128-131; Mathia

Homework (periods 1,2,6)- 1 hour due by 12/6; Homework- p. 137-138 1,3,4 + stretch Due 12/6

Wednesday or Thursday: (Dependent on Block Schedule) p.139 opener-divide/present; Period 2 p.134-135; p.147-148; Mathia
Friday: Correct p. 137-138; p.123 opener; Finish p.147-148; Discuss p.136; Begin Rough Draft with Partner of p.150

Week of 11/25/19
Monday: p.127 opening task; Finish p. 118-121 and begin on p.128-131; Homework- 1 hour of Mathia Due by 11/27 if not through workspace #11. 
Tuesday: Period 1 will have class on this day- p. 128-131 Begin or continue work; Mathia
Wednesday: Period 2 and 6 will have class on this day- p. 128-131 Begin or continue work; Mathia
Thursday: No School Due to Thanksgiving Break
Friday: No School Due to Thanksgiving Break

Week of 11/18/19

Monday: p. 108 #3; p.112-116 Discuss; p.117; Homework- Mathia - 1 hour by 11/22; Homework- p. 123 1-2 Due on 11/20 or 11/21
Tuesday: p.118-121
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule; Mathia; p.123-125 divide/present; Turn in Math Folders
Friday: No class due to conferences

Week of Nov. 11, 2019
Monday: No School- Veteran's Day
Tuesday: p.109 Review; Mathia; Homework- Total of 1 hour completed by 11/15; p. 107 1-2 Due 11/15
Wednesday or Thursday: (Dependent on Block Schedule) Finish p.104. p.110-111 complete/present; Review Game p.108,125,135?
Friday: Correct p.107; p.110-111 Finish Presentations; Start Discussing p.112-113. 

Week of Nov. 4, 2019
Monday:p.92-94 continued; Homework-Mathia, Total of 1 hour due by 11/8
Tuesday: p. 91 opener; p.95-96
Wednesday or Thursday: Dependent on Block Schedule- Mathia; p.97-101 Divide/Present 
Friday: Discuss p.101-102; p. 104; p.107-108 1-3

Week of October 28, 2019
Monday: Discourse Survey; Periods 1 & 2 will divide up problems on p. 81 and present their one problem; Periods 1 & 2 complete p.79. Homework: If p.79 is not finished during class today, it should be completed as homework for periods 1 and 2 only-due 10/29. Period 6 has p.79 finished. Test over Fractional Rates Part 2 tomorrow, 10/29. Students should review p.62-82, but focus on p.67 and p.81 for a quick look at what will be on the test. Additional Homework: Total of 1 hour of Mathia due by 11/1. End of the quarter is this Friday, 11/1. 
Tuesday: Quick review prior to test; Switch out contents of folder; Test- Part 2 Fractional Rates
Wednesday or Thursday: (dependent on block schedule) Trick and Treat + Mathia; Finish Test, if needed
Friday: Part 2 of Module 1 Pre-Assess; Begin new section- pages 92-94. 

Week of October 21, 2019

Monday: Continue work on pages 71-79 (P.1 Begin that work); Homework-Mathia (30 Additional Minutes of work time by 10/25); p.82 1-4 due on 10/23 or 10/24. 
Tuesday:Software Engineer - "Math in Your Profession" Presentation
Wednesday or Thursday: Mathia; Correct p. 82 Continue work on pages 71-79. Period 6 Review Game and/or start working on p. 81. 
Friday: Prevention Lesson with Tasha

Week of Oct. 14
Monday: P. 1,6 WODB; p. 69 Check in; Finish Quiz; Proportions - Set Up Exercise; Period 1 Homework: Mathia 60 min. due by 10/18; Period 2 & 6 Homework: Additional Mathia 30 min. (30 minutes beyond what you'll do in class on Wednesday) due by 10/18 
Tuesday: P.2 WODB; p.71-76
Wednesday or Thursday: (Dependent on Block Schedule) Wednesday: Mathia & p.73-79 continue work.
Thursday- no class, on Field Trip. 
Friday: No School- State Professional Day

Week of Oct. 7
Monday: Correct p.57-58; p.60-62 continue work; Homework-p.67 1-2 Due on 10/9 or 10/10, use of calculator ok, but show what you're putting into calculator on the paper. 
Tuesday: p.63-64
Wednesday or Thursday (dependent on block day): Correct p.67 1-2; Complete p.65; Mathia remainder of class; Quiz on Friday, study pages 51-68, specifically p.57-58 & 67-68; Homework-p. 68 1-2 Due on 10/11
Friday: Correct p. 68 1-2; Quiz; Complete p. 69 after completing quiz.

Week of Sept. 30
Monday: Topic 1 Circles and Ratio Test - study pages 7-46 to prepare, specifically look at p.17,31,41. Review Problems in class...p. 32 #2 p.42 1,6; Homework p. 51, due on 10/1 (Period 2, also complete page 52-due on 10/2)
Tuesday:Correct p. 51; p.52-55 In Class Work; Homework p.57-58 1-5 Due on 10/4
Wednesday or Thursday:(Dependent on Assigned Block Day) Mathia; Continue to work on pages 52-55; Time? p.56
Friday: Correct p. 57-58 1-5; p.59-60

Week of Sept. 23
Monday: p. 26-27 in class work; Pie; p. 28 as homework, due on 9/24
Tuesday: Correct p. 28; p. 36 1-3 & p. 38 #3 as in class work; p. 41 1-2 as homework, due on 9/25 or 9/26 (dependent on next class/block day)
Wednesday or Thursday: (Dependent on Assigned Block Day); Mathia; Correct p. 41; p. 40 as classwork. Test on p. 7-46 on 9/27 Circles and Ratio
Friday: Test over p. 7-46 Circles and Ratio (Module 1, Topic 1); p. 52 Getting Started Topic 2 Fractional Rates.

Week of Sept. 16
Monday: Formative Assessment Task- Circumference; p. 19-21
Tuesday: p. 24-28; Homework p. 31 1-6 or 7-12 + Stretch due on 9/20
Wednesday or Thursday: (dependent on assigned block day) STAR testing, baseline score. 
Friday: Correct p. 31, Complete p. 28; Fact Pattern Review; Time? Review Game

Week of Sept 9
Monday: Group Expectations; Set up Topic 1 in pronged folder. Warm Up; Getting Started; 1.1 Activity. Complete 4a-d & 5 on M1-10
Tuesday: M1-11 Investigation; Discuss 1 & 2 on M1-12; Complete 3a as homework 
Wednesday or Thursday (dependent on assigned block day): Multiplication Timing and Flash Card Making; Complete M1-13 3b,4ab,5; Complete M1-14 as class.
Friday: M1-17 1 or 2/Stretch; Bicycle Wheel Circumference Task 

Week of Sept 2
Monday: No School- Labor Day
Tuesday: Getting to Know You/Birthday Problem
Wednesday or Thursday (dependent on assigned block day): Syllabus/Parent Letter, Pre-Assessment Module 1, Group Challenge, Establish Norms
Friday: WODB - Opening Task; Check in on Norms, Book Look FM 12-16; Review Student Handbook
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