What's Happening in 7th Grade Advanced Math?

For the week of 4/20 and continuing until the end of the school year, please go to Google Classroom to see the expectations for the week. Thanks!

Week of 4/14
Mathia - aim for completing at least 1 hour, 3 workspaces, 15 problems
Mathia Tips for Assistance

3 before me.  Are at the top of workspace:

1: Step by Step (have you completed it?)

2: Sample Problem

3: Hints

4: Ask a peer or teacher

OR  Coach on Call (email:  coachoncall@carnegielearning.com or text:412-246-2737 )

2. Create Account in Khan Academy, if you haven't yet. See your email account for more information on the steps. 
3. Create Account in Brain Pop if you haven't yet. See your email account for more information on the steps. 
4. In Khan Academy, watch videos and complete practice pages on solving equations with variables on both sides. See your Khan Academy Account for assignments. 
5. Watch Brain Pop Video on 2 Step Equations and Take Quiz



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Thanks :-)

Please continue to work on the following the week of 3/30: (aim for completing at least 1 hour, 3 workspaces, 15 problems)
Many of you have demonstrated much progress these last two weeks of closure in Mathia. I'm very proud of your continued effort to learn this content. Keep up that great work!

While school is closed please try to complete your grade level Mathia content. For 7th grade that is 77 workspaces. For my 7th grade advanced math students, I will be opening up the 8th grade Mathia Modules so students can also work through that content during this period of time. Sign into Mathia with your school google sign-in information at "tinyurl.com/bhmath", unless you've recently joined the school. Those newer students should go to Carnegielearning.com and sign in with their username (firstname.lastname) and use their self-selected password. 

In addition to the hour on Mathia, please check out the following videos on solving two step equations, which is what we were covering prior to the closure. 


First watch the video titled "Intro to Two Step Equations", then watch the video titled "Two Step Equations Intuition" (in the menu on the left hand side of the screen, it's directly below "Intro to Two Step Equations". Next, watch the "Worked Example:Two Step Equations" video. Complete the "Practice: Two Step Equations". If more practice is needed/wanted, complete the "Two Step Equations Review".

Week of 3/9/20


Monday: Step Determination; Solving Equations Intro; p. 75 1-6 + Stretch; Homework p.80 use either method due 3/16 SYW.
Tuesday: p.77 opener; p.78-79; Mathia
Wednesday: Interim SBAC
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: Field Trip

Week of 3/2/20
Monday: p.9,23,24,26-29; Homework p.31 2-14 even Due 3/4; Candy Wrapper Project Due 3/9
Tuesday: p.33 opener; Mathia 
Wednesday: Correct p. 31 2-14 even; p.42-43; Mathia
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: No Class due to Conference Schedule

Week of 2/24/20
Monday: p.124 stretch opener; Present p.120-121; p.126-128; p.130,131 Divide; Homework-p.123 1-4,7-10 Due 2/26; Test on 2/26 Study pages 101,111,123,133
Tuesday: Add/Subtract Timing; Mathia
Wednesday: Test; Mathia
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Mix Operations Timing; Pre-Test Expressions/Equations; Switch out folders 

Week of 2/17/20
Monday: No School - President's Day
Tuesday: p.89 opener; p.90-93, p.96, p.98; Homework - p.101 9-16 only, p.102 1-4 Stretch only Due 2/21
Wednesday: Mathia; p.103-106 quickly; p.111 1-5 & Stretch
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule 
Friday: Correct HW; Mathia; p.113,p.120 (together)-121(divide)?

Week of 2/10/20
Monday: Review "add the opposite" concept. p.62-63; p.69,71,73; Mathia; Homework-p.67 2,3,4, p.68 Stretch SYW on Stretch, Due on 2/12; Test on 2/12 -study pages 29,47,67,79 
Tuesday: Integer Timing; p.76-77 2-20 even
Wednesday: Test, Mathia; Time? Switch out folders, keep p.79 for next week. 
Thursday: No class- block schedule
Friday: No School- Make up Snow Day

Week of 2/3/20
Monday: Shrink Art Conclusion; Candy Wrapper Project; p.29-30 Practice (answers only) + Stretch Due 2/7
Tuesday: Intro adding integers, Mathia
Wednesday: Continue with adding integers; p.28; p.41-42; Mathia
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: Correct HW; Intro subtracting integers, p.60-63

Week of 1/27/20
Monday: Scale Worksheet- intro- complete as homework, due on 1/31, Show your work. Mathia- 30 Minutes
Tuesday: Test on Scale, Complete Shrinky Dink
Wednesday: Scale Project Continued, Mathia - 40 Minutes
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: Switch Folder Contents; Intro Neg. Pre Test; Scale Project Continued

Week of 1/20/20
Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday:p.225-227, p.228 Divide; Mathia (30 Min)
Wednesday: Shrink Art Worksheet; Intro Scale Project
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: p.233 1-2; Mathia (30 Min)

Week of 1/13/20
Monday: Discourse Survey; Mathia (40 minutes); Homework- p.240 1-3 Review
Tuesday: p.225-227, p.228 divide/present
Wednesday: STAR Test, Time? Work on Homework, Intro Shrink Art Problem
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule 
Friday: Correct p. 240; Shrink Art Problem; Artwork; Intro Candy Wrapper Enlargement Project; Mathia 30 minutes

Week of 1/6/20
Monday: Mathia 30 Minutes; p.209; p.210-212,214 divide; Homework- p.221 2-12 even; Percentage Assessment Study p.175,p.193,p.207,p.221
Tuesday: p.215-219
Wednesday: Finish p.215-219; Percentage Assessment-discounts, mark up, percent equations, proportions, sales tax, gratuity, percent increase/decrease,appreciation/depreciation
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p.221 2-12 even; Mathia 

Week of 12/16/19
Monday: Correct p. 193; p.187-189; p. 190-191 #s 7-10 Divide/Present; Homework- Mathia 1 hour complete by 12/20, if not at workspace #25. Homework-p.207 Due 12/20
Tuesday: p.197-202
Wednesday: p.210-212; Mathia
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p.207; Mult. Timing; Review Game

Week of 12/9/19
Monday: Mathematics in Professions: Presentation; Homework- If not to workspace #20, 1 hour of Mathia Due by 12/13. p.193 1-2+p.194 Stretch Due on 12/13. 
Tuesday: Mathematics in Professions: Presentation
Wednesday: Finish Proportions Poster; p.168; Mathia
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p.193 1-2+p.194; p.169-171 together; p.172-173 with partners

Week of 12/2/19
Monday: Class Presentation: Math Used in Professions
Tuesday: p.139 opener 1-4; p.161 Percentage Patterns; Homework- p.175 1-3 Due 12/6; Homework- Mathia, 1 hour by 12/6
Wednesday: p.162-168; Mathia 
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p. 175; Continue p. 162-168; Begin p.169-171

Week of 11/25/19
Monday: Opening Task p. 123 #3a-d; p.151 Divide and Present; Finish p. 150, Final Poster; Begin Test; Homework: 1 hour of Mathia if you have not completed workspace #13, Due 11/27. 
Tuesday: No Class Due to Altered Schedule, short week
Wednesday: Finish Test; Mathia; Switch Folder Contents to New Section
Thursday: No School Due to Thanksgiving Break
Friday: No School Due to Thanksgiving Break

Week of 11/18/2019
Monday: p.128-131 Finish, will be graded on 11/20; complete p.134-135 divide/present; p.136 Discuss; Homework- Mathia -Total of 1 Hour by 11/22; Homework: p.137-138 1, 3 & 4 + Stretch Due 11/20
Tuesday: p. 147-148; Start on p.150
Wednesday: Mathia; Correct p. 128-131; Correct p. 137-138 + Stretch; If time, continue p. 150
Thursday: No Class - Block Schedule
Friday: No Class Due to Conferences

Week of 11/11/2019
Monday: No School - Veteran's Day
Tuesday: p. 109 opening task; Mathia; Homework - 1 hour of Mathia due by 11/15; Homework- p. 123 1-2 due on 11/15
Wednesday: Discuss p.92; Discuss p. 121 #5a; work time on pages 118-121 with partner. Time? Review Game p. 108,125,138
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p.123; Opener p.127; p.128-129 Divide/Present

Week of Nov. 4, 2019
Monday: p. 97-101 Divide up problems, present; Read p.101-102; Homework- Mathia Total of 1 Hour by 11/8 (Grade based on two weeks) p.104 #3 Due on 11/5
Tuesday: Correct p.104; Opening Task p.109; p.110-111 Divide Tasks, present. Homework - p.107-108  1-3 + Stretch Due 11/8
Wednesday: p.112-113; Mathia
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: p. 107-108 Due, Correct; Mathia 1 hour Due; p.114-117

Week of October 28, 2019
Monday: Discourse Survey; Part 2 of Module Pre-Assessment; p.91; Homework: Additional 30 minutes of Mathia (for a total of 1 hour for the week) due by 11/1. End of the quarter on Friday, 11/1.
Tuesday: p. 92-94; p.95-101 begin
Wednesday: Trick & Treat; Mathia 
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: p. 95-101 continued; Additional 30 minutes of Mathia (for a total of 1 hour for the week) due today.

Week of October 21, 2019
Monday: Finish p. 79; Discuss p. 78 Isolating a Variable; Correct p. 81; Homework: Mathia (Additional 30 minutes by 10/25) & Study for Quiz (Part 2 Fractional Rates)- p. 62-82, specifically look at p.67/81.
Tuesday:Software Engineer - "Math in Your Profession" Presentation
Wednesday: Mathia; Quiz (Part 2 of Fractional Rates); Switch out Folder Contents
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Prevention Lesson with Tasha

Week of October 14, 2019
Monday: Finish Quiz; Intro Setting Up Proportions p.71-72 1-4; Homework-Mathia additional 30 min., total of 60 minutes by Friday, 10/18.  
Tuesday: p. 73-79
Wednesday: Mathia; p. 73-79 continued; Homework p.81 1-6 Due 10/21
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: No Class- State Professional Day

Week of October 7, 2019
Monday: Finish p.61, share method; p. 62-64; Homework p. 67 1-2+Stretch Due 10/9
Tuesday: p.65; p.71-73 begin
Wednesday: Correct p.67; p.71-73 continue; Mathia; Quiz on Friday over p.51-68, study pages 57-58 and 67-68; p.69 1-4 due on 10/11
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p.69; Continue with pages 73-78; Take Quiz

Week of September 30, 2019
Monday: Finish Test; p.52; p.53-55; Homework p.58 4-5,Stretch Due on 10/2
Tuesday: p.53-55 continued; Time?p.56
Wednesday: Mathia; Correct p. 58(4,5 Stretch);p.60; Homework p.59 Due on 10/4
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p.59; Review Game; Time? p.61

Week of September 23, 2019
Monday: p. 26-27 in class work; Pie; Homework p. 28, Due 9/24
Tuesday: Correct p. 28; p. 39 #5a-c in class work; p. 41 3-4 & p. 42 Stretch for homework, due 9/25
Wednesday: Mathia Intro; Correct p. 41 & 42; p. 40 in class work; Test on pages 7-46 on 9/27
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: Test over Module 1, Topic 1 Circles and Ratio pages 7-46.
p. 52 Intro to Topic 2 Fractional Rates. 

Week of September 16, 2019
Monday: Formative Assessment Task - Circumference; p. 19-22
Tuesday:Continue work with Area p. 24-28; Homework p. 31 7-12 + Stretch Due on 9/20
Wednesday: STAR Assessment: Baseline Scores
Thursday: No Class Block Schedule
Friday: Correct p. 31 7-12/Stretch + Problem Solving Task on p. 28; Review Game?

Week of September 9, 2019
Monday: Review Group Expectations; Distribute Books-tear out first topic and put in folder; Warm Up; Getting Started on M1-8; M1-9; Homework on M1-10 4a-d and 5
Tuesday: Complete M1-11; Activity 1.3 1 & 2 together; Complete 3ab,4a or 4b and 5 as homework
Wednesday: Multiplication Timing and Flash Card Making; M1-14 complete as table groups; Complete M1-17 1 or 2 as HW and the Stretch.  
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: M1-18 - complete in review game; 6 wheel investigation of circumferences

 Week of September 3, 2019
Monday:No School-Labor Day
Tuesday: Get to know you...; Birthday Problem
Wednesday: Syllabus, parent letter, pre-assess, group challenge
Thursday: No Class- Block Schedule
Friday: WODB as opener; Read section of student handbook; Revisit Norms; Book Look FM 12-16; Intro to Circles/Ratios

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