What's Happening in Period 3 6th Grade Math?

For the week of 4/20 and continuing until the end of the school year, please go to Google Classroom to see the expectations for the week. Thanks!

Week of 4/14
Mathia - aim for completing at least 1 hour, 3 workspaces, 15 problems

Mathia Tips for Assistance

3 before me.  Are at the top of workspace:

1: Step by Step (have you completed it?)

2: Sample Problem

3: Hints


4: Ask a peer or teacher

OR  Coach on Call (email:  coachoncall@carnegielearning.com or text:412-246-2737)

2. Create Account in Khan Academy, if you haven't yet. See your email account for more information on the steps. 
3. Create Account in Brain Pop if you haven't yet. See your email account for more information on the steps. 
4. In Khan Academy, watch videos and complete practice pages on Percents. See your Khan Academy Account for assignments. 
5. Watch Brain Pop Video on Percents, Complete Worksheet and Take Quiz.



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Please continue to work on the following the week of 3/30:(aim for completing at least 1 hour, 3 workspaces, 15 problems) 
Many of you have demonstrated much progress these last two weeks of closure in Mathia. I'm very proud of your continued effort to learn this content. Keep up that great work!

While school is closed please try to complete your grade level Mathia content. For 6th grade that is 97 workspaces. Sign into Mathia with your school google sign-in information at "tinyurl.com/bhmath", unless you've recently joined the school. Those newer students should go to Carnegielearning.com and sign in with their username (firstname.lastname) and use their self-selected password. 

In addition, go to this site... https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math/cc-6th-ratios-prop-topic/cc-6th-percent-decimal-conversions/v/representing-a-number-as-a-decimal-percent-and-fraction
and watch the videos and complete the practice pages on fraction/decimal/% conversions, which is what we were covering before the closure. Try to spend one hour on Mathia for the week and two hours on this web page watching videos/completing practice pages. 

If you feel like you have this work mastered, go onto additional types of percentage problems. On this web page ( https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-sixth-grade-math/cc-6th-ratios-prop-topic ), complete the quiz 4 on fractions/decimals/percents. Then watch the video and complete the practice problems in both the sections titled "Percent Problems" and "Percent Word Problems". Then complete quiz 5.


Week of March 9, 2020
Monday: Correct p.121; p.114-115,117; p.125 #3; p.127 #3; p.128-129 3a-e; p.122 Stretch Only p.123 Due 3/13 
Tuesday: p.130-131, 135; Mathia
Wednesday: No Class - Block Schedule
Thursday: Interim SBAC
Friday: p.137 opener; Correct p.122-123 Mathia

Week of March 2, 2020
Monday: p.94; Test; Homework p.121 Due 3/5
Tuesday: p.109-110; p.112-115; Mathia
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Correct p.121; p.112-115 Continued; % Memory Game p.117; Mathia
Friday: No Class Due to Conference Schedule

Week of Feb. 24, 2020
Monday: p.55 (quick check) 58,59,67 (1-4),68 (1-2)
Tuesday: Opener- p.67 5&6 p.68 3; Mathia
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: p.72-74, 83; Mathia
Friday: p.86-87; Study for Test on Monday, 3/2, p.35,55,83. 

Week of Feb. 17, 2020
Monday: No School- President's Day
Tuesday:p.40;45-49; Homework p.35 1-5 Due 2/21
Wednesday: No Class - Block Schedule
Thursday: p.50-52; Mathia
Friday: Correct HW; p.55; Mathia

Week of Feb. 10, 2020
Monday: Ratio Pre-Test; Mathia; Homework- p.23 1-6
Tuesday: p.7-9,12,14,18,19
Wednesday: No Class, Block Schedule
Thursday: p.25,28a,29a; Mathia
Friday: No School - Snow Make Up Day

Week of Feb. 3, 2020
Monday: Finish SA Project; p.165,166; Homework- Test on 2/7 (decimal division and surface area) study p. 162-163,175; Additional HW- p.175 1-8 SYW due 2/7
Tuesday: p.167-169; Mathia
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday:p.170-172; Mathia
Friday: Whiteboard Review- p.174 2,3,4; Test

Week of Jan.27, 2020
Monday: Surface Area Poster; Mathia-30 Minutes; Homework- p. 161 and p.162 (practice only) due on 1/31. 
Tuesday: Surface Area Poster; p.144,147
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Problem Solving- Area Task; Mathia-40 Minutes
Friday: Finish Problem Solving Area Task; p.152-153

Week of Jan. 20, 2020
Monday: No School - MLK Day
Tuesday: Review for Test; Mathia (30 Min); Study for test on 1/23, review pages p.129 & 141. Homework p.143 1-2 Due 1/24
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Test over Decimal Addition/Subtraction & Volume; Start Surface Area Poster
Friday: Correct p.143; Mathia (30 Min)

Week of Jan. 13, 2020
Monday:Discourse Survey; Mathia 40 minutes; HW p.141 1a-d,2 Due on 1/17 
Tuesday: p.132 10 minutes; p.133-136
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: STAR Assessment; Time? Work on HW and/or p.137,139
Friday: Correct HW p.141 1a-d,2; Mathia 30 minutes

Week of Jan. 6, 2020
Monday:p.120-121 a together, b on own, cube exploration; review p.123, complete p,124-125; Homework p.129 stretch,p.131 
Tuesday:p.126 divide
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday:p.132; Deli Meat Redo; Volume of Various Boxes
Friday:Correct p.129&131; Mathia

Week of Dec. 16, 2019
Monday: p.117-119; p.120-121; Homework- Mathia 1 hour due by 12/20 if not to workspace #20; Homework- p.129 1a-c2ace Due 12/20
Tuesday: p.122; Geo Solids Measurement
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: p.123-125; p.126 divide; Mathia
Friday: Correct p. 129 1a-c2ace; Mult. Timing; Review Game

Week of Dec. 9, 2019
Monday: Mathematics in Professions: Presentation; Homework- If not to workspace #18, 1 hour of Mathia Due by 12/13; Homework-p.105 1-7 odd due 12/12; Test over mult./div. fractions on 12/12- study p.84-106. 
Tuesday: Mathematics in Professions: Presentation
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Correct p.105; Review p.105 2-8 even; Start Test; Mathia
Friday: Test; Collect Packets; Switch out folder contents

Week of Dec. 2, 2019
Monday: Class Presentation: Mathematics Used in Professions
Tuesday: Problem Solving Task; p.93 divide/present; Homework-Mathia 1 hour Due by 12/6
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: p.93 opener?, if not done on 12/3; p.94-100; Mathia
Friday: Continue with p.94-100 work. If time, p.101-102; Test on 12/9 over multiplying and dividing fractions. Study pages 84-106, specifically study p.91,105.

Week of Nov. 25, 2019
Monday: Test Corrections; p. 88-89; p.91 2,3,8,9 Divide & Present; Homework- 1 hour of Mathia Due by 11/27 if not through Workspace #11
Tuesday: p.93, p. 94-96; Mathia
Wednesday: No Class due to Altered Schedule- Short Week
Thursday: No School Due to Thanksgiving Break
Friday: No School Due to Thanksgiving Break

Week of Nov. 18, 2019
Monday: Finish Presentations of Food Waste Audit Proposals; Finish p. 87 presentations; Problem Solving Task- Finish as Homework; Homework- Mathia - 1 hour due by 11/22; Study pages 71 to 81 for quiz on Thursday, 11/21
Tuesday: p.87 Finish Presentations; p.91 1,4,5,6,7 divide and present
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Mathia; Quiz; Turn in Math Folders for Grading
Friday: No Class due to Conferences

Week of Nov. 11, 2019
Monday: No School - Veteran's Day
Tuesday: p.83 Opening Task/Discuss; Mathia; Homework- Total of 1 hour completed by 11/15; Homework p.81 2-8 even Due 11/15
Wednesday: No Class - Block Schedule
Thursday: p.77 complete; p.84 Folding Exercise; p.85-87 in groups/present
Friday: Food Waste Audit Proposals- Present/Vote

Week of Nov. 4, 2019
Monday:p.72-73 continued; Revisit Beads Problem; Problem Solving Framework and Rubric Introduction; Homework- Mathia, Total of 1 hour by 11/8. 
Tuesday: Beads continued?; p.74-76; Homework-p.81 1-9 odd + Stretch, Due 11/8.  
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday:p. 77 with partner; Mathia
Friday: Mathia- Total of 1 hour due; p.81 1-9 odd + Stretch due; Proposal for Food Waste Audit

Week of October 28, 2019
Monday: Discourse Survey; p.59 1,2a-c; Review Associative/Commutative Properties p. 44; Homework- Study for Part 2 Test of Factors and Area p.39-60, but focus on p.49 and p.59 for a quick review of big ideas (LCM/GCF/Prime Factorization). Part 2 Test tomorrow, 10/29. Other Homework- Additional 30 Minutes of Mathia (for a total of 1 hour) due by 11/1. End of the quarter this Friday, 11/1. 
Tuesday: Switch out folder contents to next section; Quick Review; Part 2 Test Factors and Area; If time, Pre-Assess/Part 2 Module 1
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Trick & Treat + Mathia
Friday: Food Waste Audit Conversation and Math Work Continued

Week of October 21, 2019
Monday: p. 60 together; p. 49 together; p.54 5ab,6ab together; p. 55-56 4ab, 5ab,1a-d with support.  
Tuesday: Software Engineer "Math in Your Profession" Presentation
Wednesday: No Class - Block Schedule
Thursday: Mathia; p.59 1a,2a-c with support + p.44 Comm. versus Dist. Property
Friday: Discuss Food Waste Audit...Next Steps

Week of October 14, 2019
Monday: Correct Test; Quick look at these pages...p.39; p.42&51; p.43; p.46; Homework- p.60 1-3 Due on 10/17
Tuesday: Quick look at these pages...p. 43; p.44; p.45; Work on p. 53 together
Wednesday: No Class - Block Schedule
Thursday: Correct p. 60; Mathia; p.54 5,6 and p.55 3,4
Friday: No School- State Professional Day

Week of Oct.7,2019
Monday: p.40 & 41; p.39; Finish Test; By the end of the week, do 30 minutes of Mathia as homework, due 10/11.  
Tuesday: p.42; p.43 3ab&4ab
Wednesday:No Class- Block Day
Thursday: p.44 1-2 & 45 3-5; Mathia
Friday: Bead Problem; p.49 1-3

Week of Sept. 30,2019
Monday: Food Waste Audit Introduction: p.33-35; Homework p.37 1-4 Due on 10/3
Wednesday:No Class- Block Day
Thursday: Mathia; Correct p. 33-35 & p.37; Time? p.42-43; Homework p.49 1a-d due on 10/4
Friday: Discuss food waste project; Correct p. 49; Review Game 

Week of Sept. 23
Monday: p. 27 #3,4 + p. 22-24 in class work; p. 28 5-6 as homework, due on 9/24
Tuesday: Correct p. 28 5-6 homework; p. 29-30 & p. 33-35 as in class work; p. 36 as homework, due on 9/26
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Mathia; Correct p. 36 homework; p. 37 1-4 as homework, due on 9/27; p. 39 in class work. 
Friday: WODB as opening task; Correct p. 37 1-4; p. 40-42 as in class work or do a Review Game. 

Week of Sept. 16
Monday: Formative Assessment Task- Distributive Property; p. 15-17 
Tuesday: p. 18-21
Wednesday: No Class Block Schedule
Thursday: STAR Assessment; p. 22-24
Friday: p. 27-28 1,3,5 or 2,4,6 + Review 1,3,5; Triangle Area Review

Week of Sept. 9
Monday: Group Expectations; Pre-Assess (20 minutes); Set up Topic 1 in 3 Pronged Folder; Warm Up and Getting Started
Tuesday: 1.1 Introduction; Complete 1-5 together; Discuss the Distributive Property
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Multiplication Timing and Flash Card Making; 1.2 Partner work and share; Complete M1-13 1-6 in class; Homework M1-12 1-5. 
Friday: Warm Up on M1-15; Share my website for future reference; M1-16 complete by jigsaw in class. 

Week of Sept. 2
Monday: No School - Labor Day
Tuesday:Getting to know you....; Birthday Problem
Wednesday: No Class- Block Schedule
Thursday: Syllabus; Parent Letter; Pre-Assess; Group Challenge; Norms
Friday: WODB as opener; Re-visit norms; Book Look FM12-16; Intro to Taking Apart Numbers and Shapes. + Read section of student handbook. 

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