What's Happenng in 7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science for the week of October 29
1st quarter ends Tuesday. Please make sure all missing work is turned in by then.

Monday/Tuesday: Water Cycle prewrite, rough draft, and illustration. Everyone should have a rubric, but there is a copy in the documents folder if yours has been misplaced.

Wednesday/Thursday: Final copy word processed in class and processes, storage areas and drivers highlighted.

Friday: Finish final copies and start to read them to the class.

 Grade Science for the week of October 8
Friday, October 12 is State Professional Day and there is no school that day.

Monday: Finish Driver, Storage Area, Process definitions. Students will receive the rubric for the Life of a Water Droplet story.
Tuesday: Erik Kingfisher from the Jefferson Land Trust comes to talk about the Protecting Northwest Waters project.
Wednesday/Thursday:Concept web for Life of a Water Droplet story and starting rough draft using the rubric.
Friday: No school.

Upcoming: October 19 is the first PNW field trip.

7th Grade Science for the week of October 1

Monday: Finish the Water from Trees lab write up. The rest of the week students will be working on a creative writing assignment in which they will describe the water cycle's processes, storage areas, and drivers from the perspective of a water drop.

Upcoming events: October 19, PNW field trip-more information to come.

7th Grade Science for the week of September 24

Protecting Northwest Waters permission packet is due by Friday, 9/28. Thanks to all you students who turned yours in early. Our first PNW trip is October 19 so it is very important to get the packet turned in on time.

Monday: Complete the prelab for Water From Trees lab and procedure steps 1-3.
Tuesday: Finish the procedure for Water From Trees. Collect classroom data and find the mean for that data.
Block day: Lab write up.
Friday: PNW packets due, including the white release form.