What's Happening in 6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science for the week of October 29
First Quarter ends on Tuesday. Please make sure all missing work is turned in by that day.

Monday:New books, Earth's Structure, come home today. The Sound and Light books may stay at home.
We will read and complete pages 4-5.
Tuesday: Parts of Earth's System, pages 6-7
Wednesday/Thursday: Finish 6-7, grade 5-7.
Friday: Constructive and Destructive forces, pages 8-9. Start What Forces Shape Earth lab.

For the week of 10/15/18
Monday: Finish the Properties of Waves quiz and then start the How Fast are Electromagnetic Waves? lab.
Tuesday: Complete the lab write-up and then continue with the The Nature of Electromagnetic Waves lesson, pages 70-71.
Wednesday/Thursday: Start Waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, pages 72-13, 

For the Week of 10/8/18

Friday, October 12 is State Professional Day and there is no school for students.

Monday: Finish pages 14 and 15, then start reviewing for Wednesday's quiz.
Tuesday: Grade Review and Enrich worksheet.
Thursday: Review and Properties of Waves quiz.

Friday: No school.

Due: Properties of Waves lab (brown paper) is due Monday.

For the Week of 10/1/18
Monday: Students will have 10 minutes to finish their wave quiz. Then we'll start the Properties of Waves lesson. 

Wednesday/Thursday blocks: Students will be conducting a lab on the characteristics of wave. 

Friday: We'll be finishing the lab write up and completing pages 12-13 in the science book.

For the Week of 9/24/18

There will be a quiz over Lesson 1 from the Sound and Light book on Friday. Students should be finished with pages 4-6. We will be finishing pages 7-9 in class on Tuesday and the block day.

Students need to know the definitions to the vocabulary words found on the top of page 5. All students have started making flash cards for the vocabulary terms and should be asking someone at home to help review them.