Automation and Robotics-STEAM

AR for the Week of October 8
Friday, October 12 is State Professional Day and there is no school that day.
Monday: Finish the pull toy or survival challenge build.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Gear trains.
Friday: No school.

AR for the Week of October 1
This week the AR students will be showing off their new skills and finish their windmill with 2 differently geared mechanisms and will start building either a working pull toy or a model of survival gear for a village.

Upcoming Events-Friday, October 5, all 8th graders are going to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

AR for the Week of September 24

This week we are working on gear ratios, the relationship between torque and speed, and input and output gears. Students will be finishing the pink Observing Mechanisms packet on Tuesday. 

After finishing the packet the students will get new teams and then design and build, using the VEX kits, working models of windmills geared to increase torque and another gearing for increasing the speed of the mechanism.