6th Grade Assignments
Use the following link to see 6th grade assignments   6th Grade Assignments

Most assignments for sixth-grade Social Studies will be completed in class. In addition to in-class assignments, students are expected to read an independent novel 30 minutes a day, any five days of the week, for a total of 150 minutes a week. Of course, students may read more than 150 minutes. In order to receive Reading Log credit, students will record their reading time in their Reading Log and each entry initialed by a parent or guardian.

Reading Logs are due each Monday, or the first day of the week students are in class. If a student is absent, their Reading Log is due the first day they return to school. While late Reading Logs are not accepted, students may turn in a Reading Log after an absence for full credit.

Students will have regular library times and are encouraged to check out novels from the vast collection in the Blue Heron Library.