What's Happenng in 7th Grade Science

7th Grade Science for the week of January 30

Monday: Prep for Friday’s trip to Snow Creek and the Illahee preserve.

Tuesday: Review pages 4-9 in the Ecology and Environment book.

Investigation in a Bottle prelab and intro.

            Intro to terrariums research.

Wednesday: Complete terrariums research.

Thursday: Build the terrarium for Investigations in a Bottle lab.

Friday: Protect our Northwest Waters Trip to Snow Creek and the Illahee Preserve.

  • Students need to be at Blue Heron by 8:00am and will return by 2:40pm.
  • Students should wear layers and a hat.
  • It looks like it will rain so rain gear will be a good idea. We have some if someone needs to borrow a coat and/or rubber boots.
  • Bring a lunch (or order one from school), a full water bottle, pencil and pen, waterproof boots. You may want to bring a second set to wear after the trip.