What's Happening in 6th Grade Science

For the Week of 10/24/16

I'm out of the building on Monday.

Monday: Pages 14 and 15
Tuesday: Review pages 14 and 15, discuss the relationship between speed and slope.
Wednesday: Finish Speed and Velocity Review (pink). The review is due on Friday.
Thursday and Friday: Bike Trip graph.

I'm available Tuesday and Thursday after school for help from 3:00-3:30.

For the Week of 10/10/16

The How Fast and How Far lab was due last Friday. Please make sure it has been turned in.

Monday: Continuation of the  triathlon problem using the speed equation and learning the difference between instantaneous and average speed.

Tuesday: Velocity and how that differs from speed.

Wednesday: Start graphing speed.

Thursday: Healthy Youth Survey.

Friday: No school-State Professional Day.

Please check Skyward for grades. There are still a number of students who have missing assignments.

For the Week of 10/3/16

Students will be working on the How Fast and How Far lab on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday we'll be finishing the lab write-up and learning about calculating speed, and the differences between average and instantaneous sped on pages 9-11 in their books. The week will end with the students exploring how to graph motion.

Bill Nye: Motion answers will be due Tuesday.

Please check Skyward for grades. There are quite a few students who have missing assignments.

For the Week of 9/12/16

Our first full week of the year! Wednesday is a regular early release day.

Thank you parents for taking the time to fill out all the paperwork. I know it was a lot to do right off the bat but it will be very helpful for me.

This week students will be presenting their findings on their measuring tool to their class and then using it to find the dimensions ​​of several rectangles in the room.

Later this week we will be completing student surveys, a safety scavenger hunt, and go over a lab safety packet. Books should be coming home Thursday.​

The blue Student General Questionnaire is due on Monday, September 19.​

For the Week of 9/6/16

Welcome back!

This week is a four-day week with an early release on Wednesday. On early release days students get out at 12:50pm instead of the regular time of 2:50pm.​

Students will be bringing home a packet of several papers which need to read through at home with parents or guardians. Please make sure to fill out the forms completely. These forms include:
1. Course syllabus
2. Science Lab Safety Agreement
3. Permission to Record-National Board Certification Program
4. Parent Survey

The third form is to get permission from you parents and guardians to record your child during the course of a class. I am entering into the third year of a three year process to become a National Board Certified teacher and part of my program includes submitting work samples from some of my students. I most likely will not be recording your child working in the classroom this year but still need the form to be able to submit the student work.

All four forms are due by Friday, September 9.​