Automation and Robotics-STEAM

AR for the Week of September 14-18
I'm available for after school help on Tuesday and Thursday this week from 2:50-3:30.

Monday: 1. Review GTT Technology expectations.
2. Start Understanding Robots assignment
Tuesday: Finish Understanding Robots video and questions.
Wednesday: Start For What do We Use Robots? presentation.
Students will be working in groups. Each group a robotic-related topic to research. Each group will research just one robot in that particular category and prepare a presentation that answers the questions on the activity sheet. At the conclusion of each presentation, students should summarize the information they learned from the other groups in their Gateway notebooks. The following websites may help students with their research. We'll be working on this project throughout the next week.

Automation and Robotics for the week of September 9, 2015

Welcome back!

This week is a four-day week with an early release on Wednesday. On early release days students get out at 12:50pm instead of the regular time of 2:50pm.​

This week we will be introducing the engineering process and how to use the engineering notebook.

All work is done during class time which means that I will not be assigning any homework. I will be posting what is happening during class and notifying students of due dates each week.​​